About Me

I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a PhD in Physics and am currently working with Dr. Tiziana Di Matteo and Dr. Rupert Croft on further developing super-resolution techniques for application in cosmological simulations. The ultimate goal is to use these super-resolution techniques to achieve high levels of detail in a short amount of time in simulations that would currently take the age of the universe to generate high levels of detail.

I've been involved in women's hockey analytics since Sept. 2018, and am one of the few people who do women's hockey analytics publicly. Currently, I am concentrating on archiving women's hockey analytics projects on metahockey.com to solidify the foundation of knowledge new and future women's hockey analysts will build off of.

Astrophysics Research Interests

  • Machine learning, data science, and statistical applications in astronomy and astrophysics such as:

    • Super-resolution of cosmological simulations

    • Emulators of astrophysical simulations

    • Extracting physical models from observations

    • Extracting semi-analytical models from simulations

    • Survey (Astronomical Big Data)

  • Galaxy Evolution

  • Stellar Evolution

  • Interdisciplinary applications of computational techniques in astronomy

Hockey Research Interests

  • Women's Hockey

  • Aging curves of player ability

  • Player Archetypes

  • Future pursuits

    • Applications of statistical mechanics and information theory to hockey

    • NCAA visualizations

Misc Interests

  • Cycling

  • Roadtripping around the US (and Canada!)

  • Sustainable sewing

  • Hiking

  • Dungeons and Dragons